Image of Feeling the Heat


Image of Feeling the Heat
FEELING THE HEAT (4.5) by Brenda Jackson: Dr. Micah Westmoreland is determined to win over Kalina McDaniels, even though he’s hurt that she thinks he lied to her. When her father led her to believe that Micah entered into their affair at his behest to keep her from a dangerous assignment, Kalina cut the sexy doctor from her life and tried to switch off her feelings for him. When they’re thrown together on another assignment, Kalina starts to wonder if maybe Micah hadn’t lied to her, but does the perennial bachelor want to settle down — or is he just proving a point? There is no getting away from the sex appeal and charm of Jackson’s Westmoreland family and the larger it grows, the happier her fans will be.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper