Kennedy’s seventh Out of Uniform novel features familiar Navy SEALs, but new readers can jump right in. The intense connection between the hero and heroine generates hot sex scenes, but even a stalker ex can’t make this a truly gripping tale. On the other hand, Kennedy’s muscled alpha males, mixed well with humor, make the book deliciously enjoyable.

Until they’re interrupted, Navy SEAL Cash McCoy is sure the hot blonde who crosses his path will end his six months of celibacy. She shows up in his life again in the most unexpected way: Jen Scott is the sister of his commanding officer, and Cash is directed to protect her from a stalker ex. She agrees to the protection, but not to keeping her hands to herself — as her brother has told Cash to do. It isn’t long before the sexual tension erupts into a steamy fling that quickly becomes love, but Cash’s deployment and the return of her ex test their new feelings. (SAMHAIN, Jul., 288 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison