Princess Nadia of the House of Ra needs help finding her missing brother and his family. She must turn to Prince Sherem of Nefar, her fiance, who has hurt her in the past and irritates her to no end with his male-chauvinist attitude. Nadia finds him being pleasured by another woman and formulates her own plans to rescue her sibling--a plan that gets her kidnapped. Sherem's rescue leaves her weak in the knees and wanting to cover his handsome body with sensual kisses.

Sherem has loved Nadia for years. He gave her some freedom before claiming her as his mate, but her time is running out. His heart can't stand another attempt on her life--the last kidnapping had him seeking and seeing blood. He's willing to hold her prisoner to keep her safe, but when a dangerous drug goes missing, Sherem realizes that keeping himself alive and Nadia out of trouble is more than he can handle on his own.

Emotions fly high as Sherem and Nadia discover that love can and will overcome greed, jealousy and pride in this tale of warriors and galactic princesses. The secondary characters are almost as mesmerizing as the main characters, especially Bran--part wolf and part something else!--who vows to guard Nadia. Humor abounds when she mistakes Bran for an overgrown puppy, and Sherem wishes Nadia would pet him in such an affectionate manner. This is an outstanding book with all the ingredients of a true romance, not to mention a hero who is worth a crawl over broken glass. (Mar., 348 pp., $16.99)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith