You can always count on Jane Heller to take a subject and turn it on its ear. This is a wonderfully witty and humorous book that pokes fun at the whole industry of male-female communication.

Linguist Lynn Wyman seems to have it all: a good marriage and a very successful career expounding on the Wyman Method for teaching men to communicate better with women. That was before she discovered that her husband Kip was cheating on her and the ensuing tabloid scandal that destroyed her career.

Desperate to rebuild her life, Lynn sees an article on the country's toughest bosses and decides that is her new approach. She will take on Brandon Brock of Finefoods Inc. and make him into a more approachable boss. Of course, Lynn must first convince Brandon that he has a problem and that she is the person to solve it. She doesn't expect her new subject to be both aggravating and disturbingly attractive.

Lynn has another problem, one that she is not even aware of: there is a saboteur in her life. Someone is doing their level best to destroy her. If she is ever going to get her life on track, Lynn has a lot of tough communicating to do.

(Apr., 352 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith