This new title in Douglas' late 19th-century Irene Adler series has Irene and young companion Nell Huxleigh traveling from France to New York. They've received word from American reporter Nellie Bly that Irene's mysterious mother, whom Irene doesn't remember, is a murderer's target.

Coincidentally, Irene once knew fortune teller Madam Zenobia, who was recently murdered at a séance. When the life of Madam Zenobia's twin sister is endangered, Irene and Nell come to the rescue—though rival sleuth Sherlock Holmes is not far behind.

Douglas' depiction of Holmes and Watson adds a unique dimension to this series, especially to this installment. As Irene and Nell connect the dots and discover the identity of the murderer and Irene's mother, the pieces fall neatly into place in this fast-paced, character-driven Victorian suspense. (Oct., 544 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick