Because of the many metal physical restorations her body encompasses, commander Alexandra Novona's ship is called the Femme Metal. She and her all-female crew are professional extractors, kidnappers. Her latest -- and with what she's being paid, hopefully her last -- contract is for a male, probably due to be sold to a brothel ship. But this male turns out to be a Yithian, one of the race that Alex fought for many years until a truce was declared. Not only a Yithian, but also a bounty hunter who always gets his man or woman, as Alex is soon to discover.

This book starts out well. It has some wonderfully interesting characters, plenty of hot and descriptive sex and a fascinating storyline. Unfortunately, it takes an unhappily predictable route when the hero turns the tables on the heroine. The secondary characters, sadly, get short-shrifted. They are nicely diverse, so their lack of development and final elimination from the story is disappointing. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley