Image of Feral


Image of Feral

This story is classic Beauty and the Beast with a werecat twist. There is magic afoot as Jenny fights for her reluctant hero and the outcome is not what one would expect.

Jenny’s rescue park for exotic cats is in jeopardy of closing, so she holds a fundraiser to attract donors. A mysterious benefactor makes a large cash contribution and tells her there’s another if she’ll spend one night in his sex club. Noah has desired Jenny ever since he saw her picture on the CatCanyon website and has laid his trap well. When he greets her, his tawny hair resembles her mountain lions. Although she’s no virgin, Noah’s guided tour opens Jenny’s eyes to a wide variety of sexual activities and an assortment of people in costumes. At least she assumes they are costumes until Noah changes in front of her. She goes on a quest to find his maker so he can become mortal. (HEAT, Dec., 240 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown