Dull, overweight Aerin Peters decides to visit vampire owner Violanti D'Arco's hedonistic club, Fetish, and is taken on a sensual journey of self-discovery she will never forget. Or will she? That remains to be seen.… Hooray for a story that is a cut above the standard! Aerin finds the courage, via a newspaper ad, to go beyond her comfort zone and tread where very few people would dare. The hero, Aerin's escort Violanti, recognizes her as a beautiful, vibrant, sensual woman and helps her discover these qualities by breaking down all her barriers. But will she remember these life-changing experiences at Fetish? That is up to Violanti, who decides to wipe out her memories of him after she refuses his offer to become his life mate.

Violanti's sexual prowess, intelligence and quirky sense of humor has Aerin wanting him, and he is definitely not shy about showing her what he craves. King demonstrates that anything is possible with the power of eternal love between two beings. You'll need more than a fan when reading this very hot novel. (Aug., 191 pp., $10.99)
Reviewed by: 
Charlene Alleyne