Elaine Overton's heroine in Fever (4) isn't your typical romance novel protagonist, and that makes for a wonderful story. Homeless at the age of 10, Roxanne Sanchez is unofficially adopted by a couple of hustlers, who end up getting hustled. She meets with Isaac Bancroft, who heads up security at his godfather's casino, when she's just about won the $5,000 that she believes the casino owner swindled her parents out of. Isaac is riveted by her beauty and startled by the sharpness of her mind. He knows she's cheating but can't figure out how. As their relationship develops, they must deal with trust issues stemming from their pasts and Roxie's intense dislike of his godfather. Add a sinister best friend, a real-estate scam and secret relationships and you have a great read.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims