Series author Laura Leone starts off her single title career with a bang with her wonderful new romantic suspense tale, FEVER DREAMS.

Aristocratic, wealthy Madeline Barrington is used to handling whatever difficulties she may encounter. Currently Madeline is in charge of selling off a plantation her family owns in the small unstable country of Montedora. With the first phase of her project done, Madeline just wants to get home. Unfortunately due to vagaries of the airlines, Madeline is stuck for another night.

After too many rum and cokes, Madeline is feeling a tad sorry for herself, and when she is approached by American security expert Ransom, she acts completely out of character. After a wild night, Madeline returns to New York without revealing her name.

Fate steps in when Madeline's father hires Ransom and Marino Security International to protect Maddy on her final trip to Montedora. Ransom knows the current dictator, President Juan de la Veracruz, since he installed the palace's new security system.

All their plans are ruined when civil war breaks out and Maddy and Ransom are stranded with warring factions each wanting to get their hands on them. If they don't strangle each other first, it will take all their ingenuity and endurance to survive.

Readers looking for fun, high adventure and humor should snap up their copy of FEVER DREAMS as soon as possible. This is one you don't want to miss. (Jan., 350 pp, $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith