In his rebellious youth Alex Ryder harbored a tendre for Lady Eve Montlow, though he was far beneath her socially. At 18, to save her family from financial ruin, Eve wed the wealthy Earl of Hayden in a passionless marriage.

Seven years later, Eve and Alex met again. She has grown into a mature, elegant and beautiful widow with no intentions of remarrying. And Alex, now a desirable, wealthy, dangerous male, has joined the secret Society of the Guardians, sworn to uphold noble causes. Eve helps him search for a wife and Alex goes along with the charade, counting on it to bring them together. Will Alex succeed in making Eve his wife? And will he succeed in bringing down the culprit intent on killing Eve?

This delightful fourth book in the Paradise series brings a man's sensual dream about the woman he loves and who loves him into reality. Jordan is a master at writing a very sensual, satisfying read. VERY SENSUAL (Jun., 347 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond