Image of A Few Good Men


Image of A Few Good Men

If you enjoy a man in uniform and a sweet, sexy romance, this book is sure
to please. Romance is at the forefront, with gentler and less explicit sexual encounters than most erotica. A hot
military man, an erotica author and a heartwarming story make this a satisfyingly good novel.

Maureen wants the perfect man, the kind of man her alter ego, Summer Winters, writes about in her erotica books. She begins going on a series of blind double dates, then writing about their disastrous consequences on her increasingly popular blog. But what is she supposed to do when every man she encounters pales in comparison to a sexy soldier in Iraq she's never met?

Staff Sergeant John Blake doesn't want a pen pal from the States but ends up corresponding with "Summer" somewhat by accident. To his great surprise, he enjoys her e-mails and finds himself fantasizing about her. With his tour ending soon, he may get an opportunity to make his fantasies a reality. (LINDEN BAY ROMANCE, Jul. '07, 157 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer R. Wells-Marani