Readers, and mystery lovers in particular, tend to look down their noses at books that come from small presses. FIDDLE DEE DEATH belies that misconception. This first in a new series from a trio of cousin writers fittingly features a trio of cousin amateur detectives.

Home for Christmas, Lindsey Fox just wants to spend time with her family and relax. Unfortunately, during her visit to the old family plantation, she and cousin Mam stumble over the body of the local historical society director. Drawn along in Mam's hyper-caffeinated wake, and with attorney Bonnie's legal help, Lindsey finds herself poking her nose into the investigation and coming face-to-face with her old flame, Deputy Will McLeod.

I often wished I had a scorecard to keep track of all the characters—a flaw that could be remedied in the future with more thorough development of the major players. But the setting was thoroughly and charmingly developed. By the end, I was sorry to have to say farewell to Indigo Island. (Jun., 237 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kim Colley