Image of The Fidelity Files


Image of The Fidelity Files

This quick, engaging story has well-defined characters and a deftly paced plot. Heroine Jennifer Hunter, aka Ashlyn, is reminiscent of TV's Sydney Bristow from Alias, although instead of killing bad guys, she exposes bad husbands -- and she always flies first class while doing it. This is a terrific debut novel.

If you ask Jennifer's friends what she does for a living, they'll tell you she's a successful banker who works ridiculous hours and is hardly ever home. In truth, she's a "fidelity inspector"-- a woman hired to test a significant other's faithfulness to their partner. These days business is booming, and Jennifer, who operates as "Ashlyn" when she's on the job, has no time -- or interest -- in a love life of her own. Life gets sticky when one of the husbands she outs as a cheater gets even and she finally meets a man who is able to get her mind off business. (St. Martin's Griffin, Jun., 417 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg