Image of A Field Of Poppies


Image of A Field Of Poppies

Readers are going to be glad Sala self-published this gem of a story, and publishers are going to kick themselves for not picking up on it. Sala fans won’t be surprised by the delicately crafted sentences that create heart-pounding emotion, but Sala just may have outdone herself with this story of two families who find their worlds intertwining at the worst moments in their lives. A Field of Poppies harnesses the dark side of family ties, ensnaring the reader in a spiderweb of grief, love and the possibility of salvation.

Within minutes Poppy Sadler’s life is remolded. Following a telephone call from the hospital telling her that her mother’s battle with cancer is over, two detectives knock on her door to tell her that her father was murdered. It is nearly more than she can comprehend.

Justin Caufield’s fortune can’t buy him the one thing he needs: something to save his beloved daughter from the disease that is killing her. As the police look for a murderer, and Poppy tries to gather the threads of her unraveling world, her life and Justin’s come together when a decades-old secret is revealed. (SELF-PUBLISHED, Jan., 456 pp., $16.99)

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper