Fiend Angelical is a hypnotic and lyrical book that adds a new twist to the run-of-the-mill vampire story. The dialogue and character interaction are executed with such ease that the book flows as smoothly as silk.
Romantic and often times funny—notably the relationship between Kassie and her younger brother—this book is an entrancing masterpiece of paranormal romance.

Kassie Antonescu longs to find a romance that competes with Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. After meeting lead singer Marco it seems her wish may have finally come true.

All Kassie has searched for is embodied in this green-eyed, strikingly charismatic singer. She is so smitten she ignores some of Marco's unusual behavior. For instance, he only comes out at night, she never sees him eat and he hangs out in the cemetery across the street from her house. So what's a girl to do when she falls in love with a vampire?

(Mar., 302 pp., $6.95)
Reviewed by: 
Katherine J. Turcotte