Image of Fierce Competition (Cheek)


Image of Fierce Competition (Cheek)

Pillow's delightful story presents three romances in one. Jane's relationship is nearly sabotaged by her well-meaning friends, whose own love lives are also featured. The sex includes mild BDSM and consensual bondage.

Jane Williams aspires to the good life. She's doing well - what with a day job as an event coordinator, two great roommates and a sometimes boyfriend, Dean, a senator's son. But unwise spending has put her in debt, so she takes a part-time job as a waitress.

When archrival Vanessa finds out, she makes sure Dean's image-conscious father knows all about it. While her roommates' romances move ahead, crossed wires and missed communications cause Jane's to be a roller-coaster ride. Will she and Dean straighten things out? (Cheek, Oct., 252 pp. $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley