Image of Fierce Love


Image of Fierce Love

Fierce passion is what runs through all aspects of Conn’s novel. Whether the passion is in the things the characters do, their relationships with others or in the bedroom, it is present throughout this page-turning read. Though Conn’s characters are equal parts easy to love as they are challenging, the novel is still worth the time, and definitely a pleasure to read.

Maggie Aragon never thought she’d answer the summons of a father she has never known, yet she still finds herself packing her bags for Spain to visit the much-married and world-famous matador before he dies. Despite her plans to just see him once and leave, Maggie is drawn into his world and his charm, and especially starts to like the several siblings she meets. Most intriguing is her father’s protégé, Rafael Mondragon, who sets her passions on fire, despite the fact that she hates bull-fighting. Thinking she’ll only be around for a short while, Maggie decides to engage in a red-hot fling with Rafael, but will she actually do the unthinkable and fall in love? (SAMHAIN, Apr., 346 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren DuBois