Financially successful, Mark Madison is footloose and drinks too much. After he receives another DUI, his big brother Blaine and his church bail him out of trouble.

But there are conditions he must abide by. If Mark remains alcohol-free while doing community service, he'll have his pick of coveted jobs afterward. The catch is that he must convert a rundown house into an orphanage—in Mexico.

Mark wants to do right by the family name and vows to fulfill the conditions. But life in Mexico is anything but easy, what with swine on the loose and strange ghostly visitations. He could handle those trials if only the aloof and beautiful Corinne Diaz would pay attention to him.

Windsor's gifted writing sends characters through the most tortuous emotional, physical and spiritual pain, yet the reader still laughs. Inventive and brainy, Windsor delivers a festive package and ties it all together with a ribbon of faith. A definite must-read. (Jul., 224 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Linda Mae Baldwin