Image of Fifteen Minutes: A Novel


Image of Fifteen Minutes: A Novel

This cautionary tale will resonate with many readers, but comes across as rather heavy-handed at times. Kingsbury’s realistic look at the path to, and price of, fame in today’s world is fascinating. The character Zack is the least authentic; his naiveté rings particularly false and makes him seem like a sheltered high school student rather than a college graduate.

Zack Dylan has a dream: to become a professional singer and glorify God in the process. When he is selected to audition for the hit reality TV show Fifteen Minutes, he knows this is God’s blessing on his possible music career, as well as an opportunity to earn money to save his family’s struggling horse farm. As he makes it further into the competition, he starts withdrawing from his family and the beliefs he has long held close. Can Zack realize what is truly important before he gains everything, yet loses it all? (HOWARD, Nov., 384 pp., $22.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel