Image of Fifteen Minutes of Shame


Image of Fifteen Minutes of Shame

With heart, fun and a little love advice thrown in, Daily's debut novel is a rollicking ride with a main character readers will root for. Relatable, hilarious and flawed to perfection, the heroine has a heart of gold. Daily captures the best parts of the chick lit genre. This book is an uproarious good time!

Darby Vaughn, dating expert extraordinaire, has just found out on national television that her philandering husband has filed for divorce. After an embarrassing 15 minutes that involve a stunned Matt Lauer and an arrangement of chrysanthemums that will never be the same, Darby must find a way to bounce back and not lose all she's worked so hard for. She just may find that even if she had those 15 minutes to do over again, in the end, she wouldn't change a thing. (PLUME, Apr., 320 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren Brathwaite