Reed has written a marvelous novel about a couple who must take a hard and honest look at themselves and each other before they find their happily-ever-after. Once Adrian gets Billie to respond to his touch, they set the pages on fire.

Billie Cort is both nervous and excited at the prospect of writing an article for her monthly magazine about an exclusive club where someone can select a man and use him for her pleasure. Adrian is the most popular escort at Avalon who sees only the rich and famous. His decision to give an interview for Illicit magazine stuns his boss. When he meets Billie, he’s attracted by her innocence and agrees to her terms with only a few provisos. They begin a tenuous relationship, and he shows her pleasures she’s never known. After Adrian takes Billie to meet his family, it eventually leads to a disaster that could destroy his life. (HEAT, Nov., 336 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown