This story is an Indiana Jones-style thrill ride infused with just the right amount of romance and sexual tension. Deanna is a strong yet wounded woman, and the circumstances behind her mother’s abandonment is just one reason to fly through this read. The other is the incredible chemistry Deanna has with her CIA handler Bill Santana. While the archaeology-style plot line isn’t terribly original, it is executed flawlessly. The story is also a winner for its Latino characters — a group not typically focused on in mainstream romance novels. The mystery, the family dynamic and the love story all blend together perfectly in this delightful adventure. Who needs Harrison Ford when you’ve got a tale like this?

Deanna Vasquez has spent her life racking up professional accolades — the kind her mother won before she left her family to search for the mythic tomb of Montezuma. But when CIA agent Bill Santana shows up in Deanna's classroom and informs her that her that her mother has located the burial site and been abducted by terrorists because of her find, Deanna is not only stunned, she’s angry. Bill knows that the secrets in Montezuma's tomb could be deadly in the hands of terrorists. He's also confident that Deanna has the ability to find both her mother and the burial site. But the pair can only succeed if Deanna is able to harness her resentment at being abandoned and instead focus on the task at hand. To make contact with the kidnappers, Bill and Deanna must travel deep into Mexico and outsmart a dangerous terrorist organization. Posing as an engaged couple, Bill and Deanna know to keep hidden and not to attract attention — if only they could keep their attraction hidden from each other. (CARINA PRESS, July 2011, dl., $4.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Maria Planansky