Genny Madoc is woken out of her sleep by a horrific vision of a woman being killed in a ritual sacrifice. Exhausted, Genny still manages to call her cousin Jacob Butler, the Cherokee County sheriff, and her best friend, Jazz Talbot. Jacob and Jazz don't bother questioning her vision, for they are well aware of her psychic gift.

FBI agent Dallas Sloan is immediately interested when he hears about the strange murder in Cherokee Pointe, Tennessee. Dallas knows that if he is right there will be four more sacrificial killings before the spree ends. Dallas has more than a passing interest in catching this dangerous serial killer, for his young niece Brooke was a previous victim of this madman.

While Dallas is encouraged by the sheriff's cooperation, he is uneasy when he discovers Genny's connection to the murder. If she is for real, then she could be a link to the killer. This killer always commits five gruesome murders before moving onto the next location. What is the connection between victims? With more women dying, time is rapidly running out.

Eerie and terrifying are good words to describe the feelings generated by the killer in this taut thriller. Author Beverly Barton's skills as a storyteller keep getting better and better! (Apr., 352 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith