The murder of visiting porn star Venus Lovemotion is literally a pain in exotic dancer Sierra Lavotinis butt. The shot that kills Venus winds up hitting Sierra in her derriere. One murder is bad, but two is worse and when Frosty Licks, a second visiting movie star is also killed, Sierra becomes worried about both the remaining girls and the fate of the Tiffany Club.

Panama City Homicide Detective John Nailor has a very personal interest in this case. For months, John and Sierra have been dancing their way towards consummating their burgeoning relationship. All the evidence seems to point towards Sierras usual nemesis Marla as the killer, but Sierra doubts itMarla doesnt have the requisite brains. Mob types were also hanging around the dead girls and the club. Is this all part of some kind of mob racket? With John focused on Marla as the quarry, Sierra knows that it is up to her and her unorthodox "war counsel" to get to the truth.

Considering Sierras counsel consists of two elderly womenone with serious psychotic issuesand a hairless Chihuahua, things are bound to get a little sticky.

WARNING: Uncontrollable laughter is a surefire side effect of reading one of Nancy Bartholomews books. The Sierra Lavotini series is original, highly amusing and definitely not to be missed! (Oct., 272 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith