A hideous mistake will haunt Shannon LaCrosse for the rest of her life. For months, Shannon had been receiving threatening phone calls from a stalker. That fateful night when she heard furtive footsteps heading towards her room, Shannon instinctively defended herself by shooting at the intruder. To her horror, the intruder turned out to be her grown stepson Jeff.

During the trial that followed, it became apparent to Shannon that someone had set her up. Shannon was convicted of manslaughter and for nearly two years she struggled to survive in jail. Help comes from an unlikely source when David Courtney, one of the cops who arrested her, agrees to search deeper into the case. His new evidence leads to her conviction being overturned.

Free once again, Shannon's life is still a shambles. In order to find the truth and hopefully a little peace, Shannon needs David's assistance once again. Despite their tumultuous history, David agrees to help. Shannon has always had her suspicions of who might be guilty, but her prime suspect is now missing and presumed dead. A trail of bodies surrounds the case, and David and Shannon realize this quest for justice could wind up costing them their lives.

Byzantine intrigue and emotional suspense will make fans scramble to get their copy of the newest Tracey Tillis thriller. (Feb., 304 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith