Image of The Final Mission


Image of The Final Mission

THE FINAL MISSION (4) by Rachel Lee: Wyoming rancher Dominic Mason owns a successful ranch and is the father of 7-year-old twin boys, but his sorrow over losing his wife Mary two years earlier colors his days. Unexpectedly, he is visited by Courtney Tyson, a member of the Naval Criminal Investigative Services, who served in Iraq with Mary, a nurse in the National Guard. Mary was helping with an investigation when she was killed in an ambush, and Courtney believes her friend was murdered. After she gets an anonymous e-mail warning her to leave the case alone, Courtney leaves so Dominic and the boys won’t be in danger. The growing romance between the two is handled very movingly as they both come to terms with their love and loyalty to Mary, as well as their growing love for each other. The details about modern ranching are fascinating.

Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor