Fan favorite Sandra Marton puts a fascinating twist to a marriage of convenience between a sexy lawyer and his lovely paralegal assistant in NO NEED FOR LOVE (4). Their contractual arrangement to have a child goes awry when unexpected feelings of love enter the picture. Ms. Marton enhances a favorite plot with an intriguing conflict and strong character development.

When a handsome Spaniard refuses to marry his live-in love, the beautiful lady leaves. When he discovers two years later that she has had his son, he pulls out all the stops to get both of them back. Vibrant characterization and marvelous sensual tension combine to make RAUL'S REVENGE (4) by Jacqueline Baird captivating reading.

Refused entry into an Arab nation, a beautiful anthropologist announces at the airport that she and the local prince are "very good friends." Not only is she admitted to the country, she is whisked off to the palace to become THE DESERT BRIDE (4) of the dashing prince. Lynne Graham enthralls readers with charming coquetry, grand settings and an exciting conflict.

A beautiful bodyguard accompanies a handsome architect and his young daughter on a trip to an island to protect them from kidnappers in LOOKING AFTER DAD (3) by Elizabeth Oldfield. Utilizing enjoyable characters and sparkling dialogue, Ms. Oldfield puts a fresh spin on a familiar premise.

A woman faces A DAUGHTER'S DILEMMA (3) when she falls in love with the man she believes to be her mother's former lover. Torn between the past and the future, she must decide whether to follow her heart or her head. Once again Miranda Lee pens a sensual tale with a potent conflict and energetic characters.

Robyn Donald gives readers THE FINAL PROPOSAL (3), the last installment in her Marriage Maker trilogy. To satisfy a condition in her grandfather's will, an attractive image consultant moves to the country for one month and falls in love with the rugged farmer living next-door who once saved her life. Ms. Donald freshens a traditional romance to bring us a pleasing reading experience.

Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short