Held at the Augusta National Golf Course, The Masters demands a certain amount of decorum from its participants. Conner Cross, bad boy of the PGA, is always getting into trouble, and his good buddy, fellow pro John McCree, is always smoothing the waters. In fact, Conner figures he owes John plenty.

When John's battered body is found on the course, Conner goes into shock. When John's wife, Jodie, asks him to investigate, Conner readily agrees, especially as evidence suggests that John knew his killer. When the body count starts piling up, though, Augusta policewoman Nikki O'Brien arrests her prime suspect, Conner Cross.

It takes some doing but Conner eventually convinces Nikki to work with him so that they can uncover a vicious killer. Time is short, though, for the killer has made Conner his next target.

Taking a break from his Ben Kincaid series, William Bernhardt gives us an exciting tale with a most colorful backdrop. Even non-sports fans will enjoy this story, as well as some fascinating facts about The Masters. (Apr., 256 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg