Image of Final Score (Harlequin Blaze\Last Bachelor Standing)


Image of Final Score (Harlequin Blaze\Last Bachelor Standing)

FINAL SCORE (3) by Nancy Warren: Risk-taking fireman Dylan Cross is suspended from his job for being reckless, so he takes on Cassie Price’s new home-renovation project. Being in such close proximity to an attractive woman proves to be another risky situation. From the moment Dylan rescues a kitten trapped in one of Cassie’s backyard trees, to the time when they choose countertops and fixtures for her home, the pair quite obviously belongs together. While this couple has lovely chemistry, the novel falls short in comparison to the exciting earlier editions of the Last Bachelor Standing trilogy. Fans will enjoy this simple closure to the series and the added minor plotline of Adam and Serena’s upcoming nuptials, but new readers might be underwhelmed.

Reviewed by: 
Kim Jefferson