Las Vegas police officer Sasha Mills is on the run. Getting caught could get her killed, but she can't resist rescuing an injured dog outside of Bitters, Texas.

She arrives on the doorstep of Gray Slaughter, a hermit-like veterinarian, looking for help. Instead, she receives immediate suspicion, first from Gray, who doesn't believe half of what comes out of her mouth (rightly so), and then from the chief of police, Frank Elias. A church is burned down at the same time Sasha shows up, and Frank, a notorious slime ball, immediately zeroes in on her as a suspect.

Now she's trapped in a small town and unable to run. The danger that's pursuing her is right on her heels, and Sasha decides the time has come to stop running and take a stand. This small Texas town will never be the same.

Ms. Myers characters, each flawed and scarred, ring true. Unfortunately, a slow setup diminishes the excitement, and readers may find their interest waning before the story's climax. (Feb., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson