While looking for a new book project, true crime writer Regan Landry hears about a death row case that may be thrown out due to falsifications at the DNA lab. With help from her FBI boyfriend, Mitch Peyton, Regan learns there was witness tampering. Based on the faulty evidence, a judge frees Lester Ray Barnes.

Still having reservations about the case, Regan decides to research the evidence and all the players connected to the Carolyn Preston murder. Everyone involved has serious misgivings when women turn dead after Lester disappears. Meanwhile, Regan follows up on clues left among her late father's papers regarding a mystery man named Eddie Kroll. Who was Eddie and why was he important to Regan's father? The answers may take her down a path she'll regret following.

Regan has been an important character in Stewart's previous FBI books, and she finally takes center stage in this one. This cut-from-the-headlines plot takes a sharp turn into fear, guilt and horror. Stewart continues to grow as a spinner of intricate tales of murder and mayhem. (Jun., 250 pp., $19.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith