It's been eight years since Charlotte's young son drowned off the coast of Achoco Island. She has since divorced her first husband and married Royce, another grieving parent.

Charlotte, Royce and her 13-year- old are staying with her grandfather at Oakgate, his ancestral home, on Achoco Island, while their home is being remodeled.

When Charlotte's grandfather unexpectedly dies, her two cousins arrive for the funeral and the reading of the will. The contents of the will end up turning Charlotte's world upside down, and she soon discovers that she doesn't really know those closest to her, especially when it appears that someone may be out to kill her.

A bit slow to start, this story soon draws in readers with its many different character threads. They gradually intertwine and come together in a startling conclusion. The back-and-forth switching from one character's story to another is smooth and keeps the suspense building. Staub's latest is a book that's difficult to put down. (Apr., 416 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley