Image of Finally a Bride: (Texas Boardinghouse Brides)


Image of Finally a Bride: (Texas Boardinghouse Brides)

FINALLY A BRIDE (3) by Renee Ryan: Molly Taylor Scott is the personal companion to Mrs. Singletary, who has decided to play matchmaker. She has her eye set on attorney Garrett Mitchell as a suitor for Molly. Garrett had walked away from his relationship with Molly seven years earlier when he left to attend college. For Garrett, the fact that Molly let him go once was proof that she didn’t care about him. Can they clear up a case of good intentions gone awry and give love a another chance? The lead characters in this seventh Charity House story will be recognized from previous stories, and the story is an agreeable tale of miscommunication. However, particularly for new readers, the heroine’s references to her sister and brother-in-law as Mom and Dad may be distracting.

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley