Image of Finally Home (Hope Springs)


Image of Finally Home (Hope Springs)

This sequel to Home Fires is a delightful, warmhearted story of the love, loss and changes that life brings to everyone. The characters are intriguing and complicated, and this visit to Lazy Windmill ends all too soon.

The Lazy Windmill, the ranch Casie Carmichael inherited less than a year ago, is making a slow comeback with the help of friends, neighbors and Colt Dickerson. Casie can’t help but appreciate Colt’s help, even while she battles her attraction to him. With her collection of young people — gifted cook Emily and baby Bliss, lovely Sophie and troubled Ty — each struggling with their own life decisions, Casie longs for things to stay the way they are, yet knows that change is a part of life, just as loss is. And change is coming as guests come to the ranch, both expected and unexpected, to stir things up. (KENSINGTON, Dec., 304 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley