Coming home after seven years of living with the Lakota isn't the wonderful experience Emma Hartwell imagined. Forced to leave behind her son, she is shunned by the community, and her family does not know how to reconnect with her. The only one to show her any real kindness is ex-army scout Ridge Madoc, but he refuses to help her search for her son—until she runs off and Ridge is hired to bring her back.

Once Ridge finds Emma, his admiration for her courage and determination compel him to help her locate the remnants of the tribe and her son. Little does he know that she will never leave her child and he will be caught between his desire for Emma and his dreams of building a ranching empire.

McKade's fine portrait of the West, peopled by characters that leave indelible marks on your heart, makes this a western to remember. The emotional depth of Emma's quest for her son, Ridge's moral dilemma and the plight of the Lakota grab hold of you. Like Rosanne Bittner and Lucia St. Clare Robson, McKade knows the West well—and also how to look deep into the souls of her characters. SENSUAL (Jul., 352 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin