FINDERS KEEPERS has a complicated and fascinating premise. While I enjoyed the growth of the Jessie Roland character, I felt that the dramatic intensity of several plot elements, including the kidnapping scenario, did not live up to their full potential.

Following several miscarriages, the abrupt death of her baby daughter from SIDS drives wealthy socialite Thea Roland over the edge. While driving through a small town in Georgia, Thea snatches a two-year-old girl from her stroller.

Years later, Jessie Roland wants to be free of her mothers smothering. She and her friend Sophie escape Charleston to attend college out-of-state. Sophie also comes from a dysfunctinal familyher absentee mother is vastly wealthy.

Both young women start building new lives. But before all the lies are exposed, political scandal, abuse, deception and tragedy will stalk these two lifelong friends.

(Sep., 396 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith