Molly Eden learned a bitter lesson at a very young age. A car accident robbed Molly of both her unborn child and her ability to have children. It also exposed her lover as a liar and adulterer.

Since then Molly has built a comfortable life for herself as the owner of the nursery, Garden of Eden. But it takes one small boy to vividly bring home all that Molly doesn't have.

Three year-old Joey Rossi escapes from his house and goes adventuring. Upon spying Molly, he immediately decides that she is his Momma, and nothing can convince him otherwise.

Joseph Rossi is panic stricken when he discovers his toddler's escape. He has to admire his son's taste in picking mothers, however. Both Joseph and Molly are gun shy about relationships, but neither can ignore little Joey.

Marjorie Weeks is an angry divorced woman, forced back into the work force when she should have been enjoying retirement. Marjorie's first impression of Molly is that she is too like the hussy who stole away her own husband. Marjorie feels compelled to intervene in Joseph's life by contacting Joey's biological mother. Marjorie has no conception of the trouble she is about to unleash by her rash actions.

Sharon Sala continues to be one of the most excellent romance authors around. (June, 208 pp., $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith