Image of Finding Chrissten (Legacy)


Image of Finding Chrissten (Legacy)

Chrissten’s story is one fans of Walters’ Legacy series have been waiting for, and Hank is a swoon-worthy hero: hot, patient and devoted. Unfortunately, there’s never an explanation for our leads falling in love and the series canon of mates seems overturned with Hank and Chrissten’s relationship. Too many holes are left in the plot, and Chrissten’s trauma from her time as a captive is resolved in next to no time in order to make room for the sex scenes, which admittedly, are great. More time given to developing the relationship and getting over Chrissten’s trauma would have helped the story.

Chrissten has been held prisoner as the lab subject of an insane doctor bent on finding a way to create more female werewolves. Mated against her will, she’s finally saved by her brother and the pack he has aligned with, including Hank, a werewolf she’s inexplicably drawn to. But Chrissten’s mate is still out there, and she — and the pack helping her — won’t be safe until he’s dead. (SAMHAIN, Apr., 272 pp., $15.00)
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Cyndy Aleo