Image of Finding the Dream: Dream Trilogy


Image of Finding the Dream: Dream Trilogy

FINDING THE DREAM brings this latest trilogy to a highly satisfactory conclusion. As always, the depth of character and emotions make reading Ms. Roberts' work an extraordinary pleasure.

From the outside Laura Templeton's life looked charmed: the daughter of a wealthy family, she married early to the man of her dreams and is now blessed with two beautiful daughters. It all collapses, though, when the man of her dreams turns out to be an adulterer who depletes their bank accounts and Allison and Kayla's college funds.

Laura has the love and friendship of her family and best friends, Margo and Kate. But with Margo and Kate recently married and starting their own families, Laura feels a bit adrift.

Former mercenary-turned-stuntman-and-horse-trainer Michael Fury is in a bind. Last month's terrible rainstorms destroyed his house and barn. With 15 horses, Michael needs an alternate location quick. His old high school chum, Josh Templeton, suggests that Michael rent the stables at Templeton House from Laura. Laura remembers Michael as a bad boy with attitude, but the money would really come in handy, so she reluctantly agrees.

Michael and his horses bring a fresh new attitude to the estate. Seven- and ten-year-old Kayla and ALlison soon fall under his spell. Laura, too, finds him disturbingly attractive, but Michael is a man who has never stayed long with any project or commitment. Dare she lay her heart open once again?

(Aug., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith