Image of Finding Her Way Home (Love Inspired)


Image of Finding Her Way Home (Love Inspired)
FINDING HER WAY HOME (4) by Linda Goodnight: On the run from her past, police officer Cheyenne Rhodes ends up in Redemption, Okla., known for its ability to help those needing succor. Cheyenne soon becomes involved with the people there, especially widowed veterinarian Trace Bowman and his blind daughter. With their help, as well as that of others in this strangely comforting town, will she be able to overcome the terror and guilt of her past and accept the comforting future God has in store for her? Peopled with some delightfully eccentric characters, this first in Goodnight's Redemption River series has a strong heroine struggling to find her way back to God.
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley