Image of Finding Home (Hope Springs)


Image of Finding Home (Hope Springs)

Greiman’s Hope Springs series debut is charming and warmly romantic. Even the delinquents in Finding Home will find a place in readers’ hearts.

Casie Carmichael is known for her soft heart. She’s a magnet for strays, be they human or animal. When she winds up the owner of a run-down ranch, all she wants is to sell it off and start a new life away from Hope Springs. Her plans go awry when she finds a horse who needs rescuing, an old flame turns up to drive her crazy and she crosses paths with a trio of kids who may need more help than even she can give them. But that doesn’t mean the town of Hope Springs is going to give up on any of them, and pretty soon Casie starts to wonder if her “new” start has nothing to do with location. (KENSINGTON, Dec., 288 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper