Leading author Stella Cameron explores
a different side of her storytelling talent with this highly emotional and dramatically complex novel. FINDING IAN is a prime example of her expertise in building lush and multifaceted characters.

Thirteen years ago Byron Frazer, after losing his wife in childbirth, gave up his infant son to be adopted by Ada Spring and her husband.

Little Ian is lovingly raised for 13 years until his parents die within months of each other. Then, according to Ada Spring's will, Ian is sent to Cornwall, England to live with his aunt Muriel Cadwell.

Byron, now a successful psychologist,has always kept an eye on Ian's welfare so when circumstances suddenly change, he rents a cottage in Cornwall to see if the boy is happy.

Almost immediately, Byron's plans are complicated when he meets Jade Perron. Jade is a relative of Ida and Muriels'. She admits that Muriel is unprepared to deal with a teenager.

Jade and Byron's burgeoning relationship will make this tangled family web all the more sticky!

(Feb., 304 pp., $6.99, Hardcover published January 2001.)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith