Carmack follows the latest heroine in her New Adult series around Europe — Kelsey, the sexually adventurous actress of the crew. While another writer might portray Kelsey as shallow and spoiled, Carmack treats her delicately, and it isn't long before the reader is rooting for Kelsey to sort out of her demons without alcohol. Another main plot point is predictable, but the strength of the characters keeps it fresh.

Kelsey Summers is drinking — and sleeping — her way around Europe, all on her daddy's dime of course. Out of college, and at a loss as to who she is and what will become of her — she muzzles it all with booze. A lot of it. With constant emails from her father's secretary (he's too busy to write) as to when she'll return home, the only thing quieting the buzz in Kelsey's head is the mysterious man she meets one night at a bar.

Hunt intrigues her. He's handsome, for one, and the fact that he won't sleep with her, despite their obvious attraction, is downright head-scratching. When he proposes they really explore the world together, completely sober, Kelsey agrees. Her current way of life is exhausting, and maybe, just maybe, she'll convince Hunt to sleep with her ... then she can move on to the next guy. (HARPERCOLLINS, Oct., 320 pp., $13.99, ISBN: 9780062273284, PB, 17 & Up)

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Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg