Ever since childhood, artist Laura Sutherland has been obsessed with mirrors. She's not fascinated with her image, but she searches for something contained in a special mirror. While her collection has grown, Laura has never found "the" mirror until she stumbles across a dirty antique hand mirror at an auction on the Kilbourne Estate. Laura's elation at finding the elusive mirror turns to puzzlement when Peter Kilbourne offers to buy back the mirror. Laura assumes her refusal puts an end to the matter, but a visit from the police quickly puts that notion to rest. Someone stabbed Peter Kilbourne to death in a seedy motel, and a witness places a red-haired woman at the scene.

Despite Laura's protests that she had never met Peter before their 15-minute conversation, neither the police nor the press accept her story. Frustrated, Laura decides to do a little sleuthing. She boldly approaches the Kilbourne family hoping to uncover clues to both Peter's death and the origins of her unique mirror. To her chagrin, Kilbourne family matriarch Amelia insists that Laura be commissioned to paint her portrait.

From the start Laura is aware of painful undercurrents which permeate the Kilbourne family. The powerful, enigmatic Daniel Kilbourne haunts Laura the most. She has never experienced such a sudden, intense attraction. Daniel and Amelia are engaged in a bitter, dangerous struggle over the future of the family and its fortune. Laura senses that she is being used as a pawn in the battle between them. Death calls once more when another Kilbourne is murdered. Laura must uncover the inexplicable connections between current deadly events and those of the past.

You always know you are in for an outstanding read when you pick up a Kay Hooper novel, but in FINDING LAURA, she has created something really special! Simply superb! Aug., 336 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith