Image of Finding the Lost: The Sentinel Wars


Image of Finding the Lost: The Sentinel Wars

Butcher's paranormal reality is dark and gritty in this second Sentinel War installment. What makes this story so gripping is the seamlessly delivered hard-hitting action and wrenching emotions. Butcher is a major talent in the making.

Since the murder of her family and the destruction of her sister Nika when they were children, Andra Madison has been on a mission to save other children from the Synestryn monsters she knows exist.

Theronai Paul is very close to losing his soul, so he's made a bargain -- his blood for Logan's help finding a Theronai female that is his match. Paul and Logan arrive just in time to save Andra and a child. However, Andra wants nothing to do with any of them. Her one thought is to find help for her mentally damaged and dying sister Nika. With the Synestryn closing in, Andra has little choice to but to trust this sexy stranger.

(ONYX, Nov., 368 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith