Joanne Reece is Payton, Ohio's resident walking disaster. After a fire destroys her shop, her life is at a standstill and her future fuzzy. To regain some purpose, Jo makes it her mission to save a historical building from demolition. To do this, she must compete for the city council's favor against her ex-boyfriend, Stratton.

Slow-paced, FINDING LOVE'S FUTURE failed to win over this reviewer. The plot never becomes interesting of its own merit and adds nothing to the romance. Jo's constant accidents and silly haplessness come off as irritating, rather than humorous or cute. Stratton shows some potential as a hero, but he's practically reduced to a secondary character in his own romance.

Reading Jo and Stratton's story was like watching a TV show after missing the previous season; too much happened outside the confines of the novel and not enough of the characters' background was revealed to truly involve the reader. (Feb., 182 pp., $19.95)

Reviewed by: 
Gina Bernal