Image of Finding Mercy (A Home Valley Amish Novel)


Image of Finding Mercy (A Home Valley Amish Novel)

This Home Valley Amish trilogy finale brings shades of the movie Witness to the page, in a pulse-pounding, man-and-woman-on-the-run adventure. You won’t be disappointed in the ride!

Alex Caldwell is hiding out until after the trial of his boss, who made illegal deals with the Chinese. After his cover is blown, he’s stashed with the Amish, in Ohio. He actually finds his humanity there, especially once he meets Ella Lantz. Ella is somewhat content with her life, but there’s a restlessness that plagues her. When his cover is blown again, Alex and Ella go on the run, with Ella’s feisty grosmamm (grandma) as chaperone. There’s more than one bad guy out there, so the trio is constantly on guard, but as a team, they can conquer it all. (MIRA, Oct., 329 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins