Historical favorite Emily Carmichael expands into new territory and exposes her flair for both humor and contemporary romance. Seeing the world through the cranky and self-centered eyes of Miss Piggy gives this delightful book a wickedly entertaining edge.

Lydia Keane's thinks her death was completely unfair. Granted, she probably shouldn't have had an affair with her best friend Amy Cameron's husband, but that didn't warrant her murder. Though she was no angel during her mortal life, Lydia is getting a chance to make amends. All she has to do is find Amy a new husband who will make her happy.

"No sweat," Lydia thinks, until she discovers the manner of her return to earth. No longer a femme fatale, Lydia is now a scruffy looking, overweight Welsh Corgi.

As a member of the Corgi Rescue Society, Amy responds to the report of stray dogs. According to vet Jeff Berenger, this Corgi has a major attitude. Christening the dog Miss Piggy, Amy adds another canine member to her household.

Despite having sworn off men, Amy is attracted to Jeff. Miss Piggy on the other hand thinks he is a loser and tries to discourage his attentions to Amy. Sexy TV reporter Tom Gordon is much more of what Miss Piggy has in mind.

Juggling the sudden attentions of two attractive men keeps Amy from worrying about her run of bad luck. First there were the murders of her husband and best friend, then her old house burnt down, now her new house has been vandalized. Is something sinister afoot? Miss Piggy may find that her job as guardian pooch is more difficult than she figured.

(Mar., 368 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith