Beautifully written
and intensely moving, Evans' latest holiday
tale is certain to warm hearts everywhere. Poignancy and emotional drama add depth to a lyrical
novel that sparkles with a touch
of romance.

Utah college student Mark Smart is forced to drop out when his scholarship funds are cut. He takes a job with a janitorial service to try to earn enough money to re-enter college. When his car dies on a wintry night, he steps into a coffee shop to use the phone. The kindness of employee Macy Wood amazes Matt.

As the two begin dating, they open up about their emotional scars. Macy was abused by her adoptive mother and now lives with a caring woman as she searches for her biological sister, who was adopted by another family. Matt is still shattered by his mother's recent death and remains estranged from his father. Matt and Macy's love unites them. Together, they face more tragedy and must decide if there is a future for them. (Simon & Schuster, Oct., 368 pp., $19.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick